Becoming the New Boss – What's It All About?

Consider the following common scenario. After years of working hard and honing your professional skills, you are promoted to a position of leadership. You’re all raring to go, but lack a real awareness of what it means to shift from being led to becoming the new boss. And you need to figure it out quickly before you lose equity and quite possibly your job.

While many people aspire to positions of leadership, the reality is that becoming the boss can be far more challenging than we might think. Statistics for new leaders, particularly those at the very top, can be outright dreadful. A recent study by the Center for Creative Leadership suggests that nearly 40 percent of new chief executives fail outright within their first 18 months on the job. An even higher percentage fails to live up to the expectations of those who hired them.

One of the greatest mistakes I’ve seen businesses make repeatedly is the promotion of a high-performing employee to a leadership role without teaching the employee how to lead others. As Naphtali explains, leadership is about much more than exceptional performance. Every new or emerging leader should read Naphtali’s book and follow the easy steps he sets forth to prepare for day one and the leadership journey that follows.
— Claudia Williams Chief Frientorship® Officer │ Workplace Culture & Leadership Expert │ Speaker │ Author

So what can new executives do to ensure that they’re not another statistic? Moreover, what steps should they take to help them enjoy a lasting, productive and fulfilling leadership experience?

These are some of the questions that Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, an executive coach and former Head of School, addresses in his new book, Becoming the New Boss: The New Leaders Guide to Sustained Success.

“As a former new leader,” Hoff says, “I can personally attest to the many challenges that new leaders face. My goal in writing Becoming the New Boss is to help new leaders achieve immediate success and enjoy a long, fruitful tenure in their positions.”

Using a combination of best-practice research, leadership stories and personal anecdotes, Hoff explores some of the most important issues that new leaders grapple with. These include:

  • The essence of leadership, and how it differs from management
  • The importance of developing a leadership character
  • How to make a great impression and start off on the right foot
  • Ways to develop deep, balanced workplace relationships
  • When and how to approach change
  • How to maintain work-life balance
  • Strategies to avoid burnout
  • And much more

This book is a must have for all new leaders. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

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