Hi. I’m putting the finishing touches on my much-anticipated leadership course:

Common Mistakes that New Leaders Make and How to Avoid Them.

It’s an outgrowth of my Becoming the New Boss book and presents a wealth of specific, applicable strategies that will help every new leader get off on the right foot and gain sustainable traction.

This course is targeted to people new to the leadership space and existing leaders who are transitioning up and / or over to a new position. The course will include 5 teleseminar or webinar classes, as well as a detailed PDF and some added audio and video. Topics include relationship building, effective communication, handling/developing the workplace culture, and managing change. This will be a complete brain dump of everything that we know on the topic of NEW LEADERSHIP TRANSITIONS.

And we’re going to cap the course enrollment at 15 to make sure that everyone gets the maximal benefit, support and interaction.  

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize everything and get it all set up, I need to make sure that I haven’t missed anything.

That’s where you come in. Please take just a few minutes to answer this super short survey. There is really one thing that I want to ask you…

What are your top two questions about NEW LEADERSHIP TRANSITIONS that I absolutely NEED to answer in this course?

You can access the survey HERE.


Thanks so much in advance for your help!