Praise for "Becoming the New Boss"

Naphtali Hoff has achieved the implausible: a new management book that is fresh, novel, and highly-readable. Dr. Hoff draws on current industry trends and his own rich leadership expertise to deliver a book that has actionable insights and strategies for organizational leaders. While marketed to “the new boss,” I believe that this book is equally valuable for veteran and aspiring leaders, too.

As a chief executive myself, I heartily recommend this book for new CEOs, their boards, and for anyone who wishes to gain insight into the complex arenas of executive onboarding and successful leadership.

As a last note, I would suggest that “Becoming the New Boss” should be a must-read for CEO search committees. This book highlights the challenges, opportunities, and pitfalls of integrating new leaders within organizations. I believe that reading this book will help search committees gain a better tactical understanding of these realities and will lead them to make more informed hiring decisions. Kudos to Dr. Hoff on delivering a fun-to-read book of enduring value.
— Hershel Lutch, MBA, Executive Director, Meor
As someone who has had his feet in both the academic and practitioner worlds throughout his professional life, I am very impressed by Dr. Hoff’s book about leadership. Unlike many complex theoretical books concerning leadership, his book is a very down-to-earth presentation of many practical guidelines that can help any leader at any stage of his or her leadership career. He has organized his thoughts about leadership in a very useful way, with short but informative chapters that can help the reader, step by step, from becoming a leader to excelling at leadership. His book is illustrated with many personal experiences, many of them very useful examples of his own vulnerability as he himself assumed leadership positions. Every chapter is filled with lists of very practical and useful guidelines and suggestions for anyone developing his or her leadership skills. Whether you dip into a chapter here or there or sit down and read the entire book from start to finish, you will walk away with gems of useful ideas about leading. As an active consultant to both public and private organizations for over 40 years, I would not hesitate recommending this book to any leader with whom I have worked.
— Arnie Dahlke, Ph.D, Director of I/O Psychology, Touro University Worldwide
Naphtali addresses the challenges of leadership head on, offering a practical perspective with relevant examples based on his years of experience. Today’s leaders are often elevated to positions of leadership without the guidance and mentoring often required for continued success. Becoming the New Boss is a great read for those with increasing leadership responsibilities as well as for those more seasoned professionals as it reminds us to lead by example.
— Seth Katzen, CEO, Jewish Federation of Delaware
Words strung together in a meaningful and thoughtful manner can often be incredible and powerful works of art – and that’s exactly what “Becoming the New Boss” is. This book is a must-read for all those aspiring to be the world’s next Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos as well as for those already in leadership positions. As Naphtali highlights throughout the book, being a great leader goes well beyond oversight and discipline. It involves placing the values of your team and the organization ahead of all else – and Naphtali walks the reader how to do just that.
— William Sandbrook, CEO, US Concrete
Dr. Naphtali Hoff’s book, “Becoming the New Boss”, is a valuable resource for new leaders. It is not only filled with practical advice culled from the research of experts, but is presented in a way that makes that advice accessible and understandable. Dr. Hoff is to be commended for creating such an “easy read” that contains wisdom and depth!
— Rabbi Leonard A. Matanky, Ph.D. Dean, Ida Crown Jewish Academy
In “Becoming The New Boss”, Naphtali Hoff gives focused, practical guidance to seasoned and newly minted leaders alike. By being attuned to the leadership issues that lurk just beneath the surface, and proactively addressing them with Dr. Hoff’s sage advice, we can establish a foundation for success in any new leadership role.
— Justin Baeder, Director, The Principal Center
So often how to succeed in business books are intellectually relevant but not very applicable to the day to day life of an operator. In today’s business climate that includes a myriad of interpersonal dynamics and an ever changing economic and regulatory environment, Naphtali Hoff’s book offers a fantastic look at how to be a truly relevant and successful leader of people. The importance of building trust with your team and leading from a place of humility and integrity paramount to maintaining effectiveness and relevance.
— Dustin L. Bogue, President & CEO, UCP
Please do yourself the favor of reading Naphtali Hoff’s “Becoming the New Boss”, a wonderful synthesis of modern leadership theory along with the author’s truly insightful commentary. As a long-time school head, I am constantly immersed in leadership books and essays. What this work did for me was to pull it all together in a way both practical and motivational... I immediately began planning my leadership team’s annual retreat with this work as the foundation. Thank you Naphtali!
— Dr. Scott Wilson, Headmaster, Baylor School
After reading this book, it is clear that Dr. Hoff knows what it means to be a leader, and the distinction between leadership and management. Whether you are a new or experienced leader, your leadership will be improved by reading this book. It offers both practical and emotional insights, with the knowledge that leadership is about relationships and integrity.
— Dr. Brian G. Ricca Superintendent of Schools, Montpelier Public Schools
It’s pretty easy to spot bad leadership – but do you know the tenets of good leadership? In “Becoming the New Boss”, Naphtali Hoff explains the differences between leadership and management in a conversational and easy reading style. Lots of anecdotes put his teachings into a real life construct for the reader, making it very possible to envision themselves in just that same position.

This is a great guideline for new leaders, whether you have the position yet or not. Not only should current senior leadership read the book but also take the time to encourage their direct reports to as well.

I like this book so much because Dr. Hoff’s philosophy on leadership so closely matches my own. Though much of Naphtali’s examples stem from his years in academia, the tenets he teaches can be translated to any number of industries. I’ll be sending a copy to my adult children, one of which is a Software Engineer, the other a Data Scientist.
— Melody McBeth, Founder & Principal, Highland Fundraising Solutions
Are you in a leadership position? If your answer is “yes”, this book is a must read! Naphtali’s insights into the difference between a leader’s and a manager’s responsibilities is the key to success for every business. When each person understands their role, there is no overlapping or arguing but healthy outcome for their company.

Naphtali’s insights in this book helping leaders achieve their goals smoothly and successfully are the fundamental for every businesses success.I’m amazed how easy this book is to read while sharing such depth and priceless information in a simplified manner.
— Duvi Honig, Orthodox Jewish Chamber Of Commerce